Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This website and system are committed to providing professional information. When you use the specific services of this website, this website will require you to fill in relevant personal information. Based on the support of personal data protection and online privacy, the information you fill in will be subject to the following privacy protection:

1. Acquisition of basic personal information

You can use this website and various services of the system without entering any information(excluding: end - of - the - day stock market quotation information, general services, and browse free contents, etc.), this website and the system will not inform you the circumstances in which any personal data about you is collected.When you want to use services such as premium stock market quotation information, personalized self - selection services, and the right to speak in discussion forums, this website will require you to fill in basic personal information in accordance with the relevant regulations of the stock exchange.This website and the system will properly protect the information.Without your consent and authorization, this information will never be sold or disclosed to other individuals and units, and internal personnel will be restricted from using this information privately.Under normal circumstances, you do not need to enter any information to use the various services of this website, This website will not collect any of your personal data without explicit notice.However, in the following cases, this website will collect and obtain your personal information:

  • a. When you enter your personal information on this website or the pages linked to this website;
  • b. or when you agree to our terms of use and register as a member.

In addition, this website and the system will record information such as your connection address and browsing activities in related websites, which are only used for website traffic analysis and network behavior investigation, so as to improve the service quality of the website in the future.Such information It is only used for statistical analysis of data and does not involve personally identifiable information.

2. Scope of data use

This website and the personal data obtained by the system are provided for internal use only.Except for special instructions or in accordance with relevant laws, this website and the system will not use the user’s personal data for other purposes.The company will not sell, lend, rent or exchange your personally identifiable information to anyone; if the outflow of personal data is caused by force majeure or not due to the company’s negligence(such as hacking or system errors, etc.), the company will not be responsible for any responsibility.However, in the following cases, the company will provide your personal data to a third party after notifying you: Share your data with other people or organizations with your consent; You need to share your data with other people or organizations in order to provide you required services; Legal orders or legal requirements of government agencies; Your use of this website violates the terms of use of this website.In addition, please note that when you transmit or forward any pictures, materials, files and other information to this website, such information will be regarded as non - confidential information, and it is deemed that you have legally authorized and agreed to this website, and may be used for any for commercial or non - commercial purposes, for partial or complete reproduction, modification, editing, public transmission, distribution, distribution, disclosure, and use in other ways, the aforementioned rights may be transferred or sub - licensed to a third party.If you lack the legal authority for the aforementioned use or authorization, please do not make such transmissions or reposts.The company will not be responsible for the confidentiality and responsibility for the information on the site.Therefore, you are responsible for the loss of the company caused by the information.

3. Inquiry and correction of basic personal information

This website and the privacy statement provided by the system do not include other websites and pages linked from this website.If you have any questions or the following questions or needs, you can contact the customer service center of this website.

  • - inquiries or requests for review;
  • - request to make copies;
  • - request additions or corrections;
  • - request to stop collecting, processing or utilizing;
  • - request to delete.

If you have any suggestions or questions about the company’s privacy protection policy, please send an email to support @square24.com.tw, ​​and we will contact you as soon as possible.